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Our Story

Hi, I'm Mikayla Reid. I grew up on a large farm and we always had either a standard Australian Shepherd or Blue Heelers as part of our family. After my husband Ben and I got married, we moved to our current home which has 2 acres of land. I wanted a dog but didn't want the size that I had grown up with. I turned to mini aussies and we got Tuff, our male red tri (shown above). We fell in love with him and the breed after that! We didn't have the best experiences with purchasing puppies from local breeders and we knew we could raise puppies so much better. We took my experience with the breed, training knowledge, and nurturing spirit to create our breeding program. My husband contributes the best infrastructure, construction, and financial things to our program. We work well together as a team to provide our dogs & puppies with the best quality of life. It is our mission to not only provide families with the perfect addition to their family but also the best puppy buying experience. Our dogs are registered & genetically tested in our reputable & ethical breeding program.

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