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Customer Reviews: Testimonials

Taylor Gasado

The best experience we could have asked for while searching for our next family member! I was willing to travel wherever I needed to travel in order to find the best breeder. After months of researching, I found Mikayla. I've never seen prettier and healthier puppies anywhere! You won't find another person comparable to the knowledge, experience, and friendliness Mikayla brings. And our puppy has been the best addition to our family. I'm so appreciative to have found TN Valley Aussies & Doodles!!

Norma Copeland Salmon

I cannot sing enough praises about TN Valley Aussies! Mikayla is an amazing breeder! When I brought Toby home from her he was healthy, well socialized, recall trained, knew how to sit, crate trained, and potty trained! I was expecting a rough first few nights of crying and whimpering, he took to his crate like a champ and was asleep in minutes. It took about 2 weeks to potty train in a new environment, but with his foundation it was a quick learn! We never had any leash issues either first time on a leash he was ready to go! Aussies are smart breeds but his foundation at TN Valley made ALL the difference in the world! TN Valley truly cares about their dogs and pups and it shows! We adore Toby and are so thankful for him!

Corey Young Sobczak

Mikayla was so great to work with. She is very knowledgeable about the breed and answered all of our questions quickly. She keeps you informed of the puppy's development throughout the process with her weekly Pupdates which we enjoyed. She even went above and beyond for my daughter with special videos and a birthday Facetime! We highly recommend TN Valley Aussies. Our puppy is a wonderful addition to our family. He is happy & healthy with a great temperment and he is really handsome too :)

Miranda & Spencer Mann

Mikayla & Ben had our girl trained so well before sending her home at 8wks. She literally cried & had an accident the first night, and since then has been an angel in the crate & at night. Our Millie was happy & healthy the day she came to us and continues to thrive. I appreciate the included microchipping, one-year health guarantee, and weekly "pup-dates" before picking up our new baby. Millie may have gotten a B on her report card for crate training, but TN Valley Aussies & Doodles deserves an A+. Thank you both for providing us with such an amazing addition to our family

Zanna Eaton

We had the most incredible experience and brought home the best pup to add to our family! We were able to visit several times before bringing him home, they work on training, met Mom & Dad, plus they are the most thoughtful and honest breeder I have ever met. Couldn't have asked for a better experience! Not to mention, our pup is as perfect as it gets!

Gerik Family

We did a lot of research before deciding on TN Valley Aussies & Doodles and we are so glad we did! Mikayla was absolutely wonderful through the entire process of bringing home our mini aussies, Link. She is a caring, responsible breeder with absolutely great communication. We really loved our "Pupdates" on YouTube as we waited to bring our little guy home. We highly recommend TN Valley Aussies & Doodles!

Shana Putnam

This is the best puppy experience I have ever has and we were so impressed with everything from the beginning of the process until the end and bringing our sweet boy home. There was so much care & attention shown to the babies and the families who would be receiving them. Thoroughly impressed!!

Ashley Schmith

We bought our sweet doodle puppy Gnash and he's the perfect addition to our family. He was already potty trained when we got him, he knew how to come when called, and he's so smart! You could tell he was well taken care of during his time at TN Valley! We defiently recommend anyone to them anytime!

Amy Aspinwall

I chose TN Valley Aussies & Doodles because Mikayla was a thoughtful communicator from the very beginning, and we had meaningful conversations about her dogs, and our mutual expectations. I could tell she genuinely cared for her dogs as family members and I felt I would receive ongoing support once I purchased one of her dogs. I have never met a more caring dog breeder. Her selective breeding, careful and loving rearing, and them her ability to match the puppy to the family is right on target. This is an indication of great investment she has in each puppy. If you are searching for an Aussie or doodle, please check out TN Valley you will be so glad you did!

Debbie Tinsley

Mikayla did an awesome job keeping us informed and sending pictures of our puppy. The Pupdate Videos were so cute and we felt like we watched them grow until we could pick them up. She really cares about each puppy and all her dogs are loved and taken care of. Best decision we made was to choose our puppy from TN Valley Aussies! She also sent us home with a bag for our girl and awesome tips. We adore our sweet Piper and are so thankful for TN Valley Aussies!

Sam Kourafas

We reached out to TN Valley Aussies right when the litter was born and Mikayla was super helpful with giving me any information I needed and answered all my questions. Her response time is amazing and we couldn't have asked for a better breeder. We were able to go to her home to pick up our pup and all her dogs were super happy and had a wonderful space. Our puppy is healthy and happy and we highly recommend this breeder!

Andy Rowe

Wonderful communication and response to questions. Our mini-aussie is the sweetest puppy. She came home with her paperwork, vet records, a toy, blanket that had Mom's scent, she was freshly bathed, and had been introduced to a kennel so she was comfortable going in on the first night. The breeders are friendly, obviously care a lot about their animals and spend time with them giving weekly "pupdates" videos where they show the puppies so you can watch them grow and play until they are old enough to come home. Be comfortable purchasing through this breeder, you will not be disappointed.

Erin Horner

I can only say great things about TN Valley! I so enjoyed how Mikayla interacts with the puppies and how well she cares for all of her animals, you can truly see she enjoys what she does. I also LOVED seeing the weekly videos of the puppies! I would recommend TN Valley to anyone looking for an Aussie and/or Doodle. This was my first experience with a breeder and was such an amazing one!

Tiffany Thomas Alexander

We are in love with our puppy! Mikayla was super responsive and provided weekly updates until we brought him home. The puppies are raised in a clean environment and have plenty of room to run & play. We are so happy with our newest family member.

Lewis Family

Mikayla was a pleasure to work with and kept us updated throughout the whole puppy process. She even flew in with our puppy so he didn't fly alone. I would definently recommend getting your furever puppy from them.

Carla Patterson

Awesome experience! Mikayla sent weekly pupdates and pictures so we could watch him grow until pickup! Our fur bundle settled in well with our family & senior schnauzer so he was well socialized. Our goldendoodle puppy was introduced to crate training and adapted to night time crating. We love him to pieces!

Shawn Lipinski

We got our mini aussiedoodle from them. They were so great to work with and you can tell they care so much about their dogs. They take the extra steps that you don't find with many breeders.

Dominick Sanders

I had a great experience with TN Valley Aussies & Doodles. The mini aussiedoodle puppy I got came with alot of love and has been easy to train. Highly recommend getting a puppy from her!

Lester Family

Great communication and great dogs! We love our Jessie!

Ashley Faulkenberry 

We got Marley from Mikayla in September litter of Goldendoodles. She came home so well behaved and trained. She really is the best puppy. 10/10 recommend them!

Haley Golden

We got our sweet mini aussie Bean from these guys and he has been such a great addition to our family! We are so glad to have found them!

Joslyn Hill

I recently got my goldendoodle puppy from them and I am so so happy with my decision. She was so sweet keeping me updated and she drive so far to meet me so I could get my little guy and I'm so grateful! I would highly recommend!

Richard & Robin Armstrong

We got our sweet mini aussie Tate from Mikayla earlier this year. We had been looking for a reputable breeder. Right away you could tell that she takes great care of these pups. Such great dogs! It was worth the trip from South Alabama to Tennessee to get our sweet boy.

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